Thanks to the GIVT program

You contributed CZK 2318 to us via GIVT. Thank you.

Thanks to the ČEZ Foundation

We are very pleased that, based on the application of a ČEZ employee, our project to support the preparation of a puppy was successful in pre-education. A grant of CZK 30,000 will help prepare the future dog hero. Thank you.

Thanks to all IBOD contributors

From 2018 to August 2019, you had the opportunity to dedicate your IBOD loyalty points to a good cause.

Thanks for the support

Rózárka, Anežka and Eliška decided to support the training of assistance dogs by producing and then selling a few slimes on the street and sending the proceeds to Helping Paws. Thank you!

Thanks to the students of SPSE Plzeň

We are a student company created only for a year within the subject of economics in practice. Our main products are scented soaps (paws, swans, hearts and New Easter).

LMC data breakfast

On February 26, 2019, we were invited to the LMC Data Breakfast, led by Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský. It included the ceremonial handing over of checks for the Meaningful Gifts project.

Acknowledgments VPIB a.s.

Thank you to VPIB a.s. for a generous gift to support the training of our skilled assistance dogs.

Valmez Light Festival

We would like to thank the organizers of the festival, who donated the proceeds from the sale of luminous bracelets to the training of assistance dogs.

ALAVIS supports Pomocné tlapky!

From September 2018, the company Patron ca, s.r.o., a manufacturer of veterinary preparations of the Alavis brand, begins cooperation with the non-profit company Pomocné tlapky.

Thanks to Sporthotel Zátoň

I would like to thank the Jedličeks from Větřní near Český Krumlov for their helpfulness for our non-profit company Pomocné tlapky.

Apology and thanks to Mrs. Marta Jonáková for her support

We are not always perfect, we do not always succeed. Not everything is excusable and repairable, so I will try. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mrs. Marta Jonáková, the patroness of the second assistance female Nata.

Contribution of ÚZSVM employees in Prague for Pomocné tlapky

At the Christmas meeting of employees, we prepared a brief presentation on the training of assistance dogs. At the same time, we asked incoming colleagues for a voluntary contribution to your meritorious activity.

Thanks to the students of the High School of Design and Fashion

We thank the students of the Secondary School of Design and Fashion PV (SŠDAM), under the guidance of Professor Sedlářová and her team, for the products provided for our shop.

Thanks to Hedva a. S.

We thank Hedva a.s. for providing material for the production of marking shirts. We really appreciate the support.

Thanks to the company

We thank the company for providing a supply of drybeds for our dogs. They immediately liked the blankets.

You have raised CZK 50,610 for Pomocné tlapky

On June 13, 2017, an orange bicycle was pedaled in Prague for a good cause for two organizations. One of them was the Pomocné tlapky.

Thanks to the Rotary Club in Brno

Many thanks to the Rotary Club in Brno, for organizing a public collection to support the training of assistance dogs.

Thanks to Knauf employees

Thank you for your kind greeting from the employees of the Knauf company, who collected CZK 3,455 among themselves to support the Pomocné tlapky.

Thanks to the pupils of the Kvílice primary school for their support

Kvílice Elementary School annually organizes a charity auction for the benefit of one of the non-profit organizations. Pupils in the 7th grade make various products, which they then auction and sell.

Free logbook

We would like to thank TLV s.r.o. for providing tracking locators in our deliveries. Thanks to the GPS Supervision service, which we also have for free, we no longer have to list the logbook manually and we also have vehicles under control.