HELPING PAWS n.g.o. is the first organization in the Czech Republic to envision a system of complex care and gradually introduce all known types of training; currently pioneering the training of assistance dogs for physically disabled clients with mobility dysfunctions. The company also supports a wide range of activities in public awareness and promotes of partnership between health impaired people and animals.

About us

HELPING PAWS n.g.o. is a type of non-profit organization called "company for the benefit of community." This company focuses on breeding, raising and partnering assistance dogs with health-impaired clients. They get not only the "bad weather friend" but also an invaluable partner, who can help them start their way to independence.

Our services

Helping Paws are actually just a wide network of volunteers. We currently do not have any employees at all. Thanks to these devoted people, we were able to complete the initial "Pilot Program" in the worth of over half a million Czech Crowns ($14.000).

Support us

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