Educational program for children and youth

From the very beginning, working with children and young people has been one of the pillars of Helping Paws activities. Our program is constantly evolving and improving and aims to educate the youngest with the understanding and tolerance that will help to better integrate the disabled into society.

Children as our clients

Children and adolescents make up a large percentage of our clients. They take part in the public events of Helping Paws according to their abilities and are always happy to show what their dogs can do. Healthy children can see the assistance dogs and their owners in action and easily understand what the sufferer can not do alone and how the presence of the dog will help him.

Lectures and discussions in schools and hobby clubs

Trainers, organizers, canis therapists and clients of Pomocné tlapek go to discussions in schools and interest groups.

Lectures can be divided into several thematic areas:

  • health science - understanding of disability,
  • biology - development of the dog, structure of his body,
  • science - cohabitation with a dog, prevention of biting,
  • civic education - integration of the disabled into society,
  • civic education - the role of non-profit organizations.

We prepare discussions tailored to the given group of children and adolescents and the subject taught during which the lecture takes place.

Educational and teaching materials

We are constantly expanding a number of our own educational, teaching and information materials that teachers and group leaders can use, not only during our lectures, but also in connection with them. We currently provide:

  • general information materials (brochures, leaflets, etc.),
  • Websites that can be used to actively search for information when working with the Internet,
  • coloring books with poems for younger children, which will introduce children to the types of helping dogs (pack of 50 pieces, price 5 CZK / piece).

If you are interested in teaching materials or organizing a discussion, contact the Director of Helping Paws, Hana Pirnerová.