Veterinary care

Helping paws have been cooperating with the Vedilab veterinary clinic in Pilsen since the beginning. Her team helps us professionally care for dogs, not only during their preparation, but also after handing over to the new owner.

Caring for dogs begins long before they are born caring for their parents - breeding dogs and bitches. The Vedilab Clinic then oversees the healthy course of the pregnancy and intervenes in the event of a problematic delivery. We also turn to her for deworming and vaccination of puppies and in case of any health problems of the mother or puppies.

When our dogs are around one year old, many tests await them before training. In addition to appropriate traits, their health is assessed and blood, urine, heart and hip X-ray are examined. If all is well, animals of both sexes are neutered.

At the end of the training and public examination of the dogs, an exit health check is performed. Detailed records are kept about dogs and their health status.

Vedilab veterinarians are also involved in Helping Paws canine therapy events.

The health of our dogs is a priority for us, because we have a responsibility to our partners and sponsors, but especially to our clients. Together with the professional Vedilab team, we try to avoid any problems that could complicate dog training or assistance.